Here comes the dog, gentlemen.

One of the pets adopted by the Triggerhearts is this dog called Watt (ワット Wato), but before the dog met the Triggerhearts, it was Skiltall's pet. Watt is seen more frequently with Crueltear in most versions of the game.

Triggerheart ExelicaEdit

Crueltear Normal Ending Epilogue

Keeping company to a lonely Crueltear

On the "Normal Ending" Epilogue of Crueltear's Story Mode, Watt and Crueltear are standing somewhere (probably the C'rna_dyne), waiting for an Exelica who's not coming back. But Crueltear doesn't lose her hope to see her beloved sister again.

In the game's script, Watt was simply called "dog" (犬 Inu)

Triggerheart Exelica EnhancedEdit

Crueltear and Watt

Friendly Encounter.

Dog "hmmmphs" voiced by: Genki Yoshimoto

During Crueltear's Story Mode Prologue, the Triggerhearts leave the C'rna_dyne to explore the outside in search of Ver'miths transported to Earth by the wormhole. During the exploration a dog headed towards Crueltear, fortunately, it wasn't an "enemy" to them. Skiltall found the dog along with the Triggerhearts who explained who are them. This encounter was considered their "First Contact".

Crueltear's Story Mode - Normal EndingEdit

PS2 Crueltear Normal Epilogue

...and here we are again.

Just like in the Dreamcast version.

Both Triggerheart and dog are outside the C'rna_dyne, waiting for an Exelica who's not coming back, but Crueltear doesn't lose the hope of see her sister again.

Crueltear's Story Mode - True EndingEdit

Group 53

Triggerhearts and dog are looking to the horizon.

The True Ending shows both Triggerhearts and Watt outside the C'rna_dyne, as they wait for Faintear, hoping they can see her again.

Curiosities Edit

  • Watt's name comes from the derived unit of power in the International System of Units (SI), named after the Scottish engineer James Watt (1736–1819). 1 Watt is defined as 1 joule per second and can be used to express the rate of energy conversion or transfer with respect to time. It has dimensions of Mass·Length2·Time−3.