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Exelica, meet your maker.

Warashi (株式会社 童), also known as Warashi Inc. Multimedia Lab is a small Japanese company who develops video games for arcade, home console, and mobile platforms.

This 40-people company specializes in Mahong games and shoot-em-up titles. The company is known for the Shienryu series, and for Triggerheart Exelica, one of the last Dreamcast games released in 2007.

In October 26, 2011, the company's website and all their TH related links (along with those of Microsoft, Alchemist and Sega) went offline with no signs of coming back, but there's no news regarding the company's fate.

Developed titlesEdit

Shoot em' Up Games

  • Shienryu / Steel Dragon (1995/1997) (ST-V/Sega Saturn) - Re-released on the PlayStation as Geki Oh Shooting King by Natsume and Re-released by D3 Publisher on the PlayStation 2 as Simple 2000 Series Vol.37 The Shooting ~ Double Shienryu ~ / Steel Dragon EX by Midas Interactive Entertainment
  • Sengeki Striker (1997) (Kaneko Super Nova) - Developed by Warashi and Kaneko.
  • Simple Characters 2000 Vol. 8 ~ The Shooting: Kagaku Ninja Tai Gatchaman (2002) (PlayStation) - Published by Bandai and D3 Publisher, based upon Gatchaman / G-Force.
  • Shienryu Explosion / Steel Dragon Evolution (2003) (PlayStation 2) - Released in D3 Publisher's Double Shienryu / Steel Dragon EX
  • Triggerheart Exelica (2006) (NAOMI / Dreamcast / XBOX 360) / (2016) (XBOX One Backwards Compatible)
  • Triggerheart Exelica Enhanced (2009) (PlayStation 2) Developed by Warashi and Alchemist.

Mahjong and Puzzle GamesEdit

  • Youen Denshi Mahjong Yuugi Gal Jan (1996) (Sega Saturn)
  • Shanghai: Sangoku Haitogi (2002) (PlayStation 2)
  • Usagi (2003) (NAOMI) Developed by Warashi and Taito.
  • Break'em All / The Block Kuzushi (2006) (Nintendo DS) - Published by D3Publisher of America, Inc.

imode GamesEdit

Published TitlesEdit

Musical GamesEdit

  • Le Concert ff (Fortissimo) (1999) (PlayStation) - Developed by SAME Creative inc.
  • Le Concert pp (Pianissimo) (1999) (PlayStation) - Developed by SAME Creative Inc.
  • Le Concert (2000) (PlayStation) - Re-release of Le Concert ff and Le Concert pp.

Curiosities Edit

  • During the startup screens of all the Triggerheart Exelica games, Crueltear's voice is heard when Warashi's logo appears.


Warashi official website (Japanese) [DEFUNCT]