Ver'mith Ennda

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If the previous four Ver'mith Cores are masculine in nature the fifth and final Core, Ver'mith Ennda (ヴァーミス・エンダ Vāmisu Enda) is totally feminine.

It was the only member of the Ver'mith fleet that attempted to communicate with the Triggerhearts (creating a painful Noise in Exelica's Communication Link in the process)

Ennda had attempted to capture one of the Triggerhearts (depending which one is unused by the player) to study her, but was destroyed by their Anchor.

Triggerheart Exelica RE:AnchorEdit

Re-1 11

Skimpier, sexier, DEADLIER.

Ennda makes an appearance in Triggerheart Exelica RE:Anchor as a female humanoid wearing an extremely revealing Spec Suit like outfit with a massive blade on her chest. Like Faintear Imitate, Ennda seems to have a Control Core-like ornament on her head. However, this is an alternate, personification created by Kazuhiko Kakoi, who also made a personification of Ver'mith Aragabis on RE:Anchor 1.75

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