Ver'mith Aragabis

CGI model of Aragabis.

Ver'mith Aragabis (ヴァーミス アルガビス Vāmisu Arugabisu) is the first boss of the game Triggerheart Exelica.

Known as the Ground Conqueror, it resembles a land-based battleship, it hovers slightly over the ground as it moves. This Ver'mith Core consists of the central and side units, and the frontal float unit. This is essentially a combination of crude military weaponry, it attacks with a massive quantity of firepower.

Forms and Attacks Edit

  • 1st Form: No Item Points required
Boss 1-1

Aragabis firing a spread pattern against Exelica.

The attacks used on its first mode consists of spread patterns of bullets and red orbs, repeating the attack until it's destroyed or the timer reaches zero.

  • 2nd Form: 500 Item Points (Arcade / Story / PlayStation 2) / 5,000 IP (Arrange Mode)
Boss 1-2

Now you're calling for reinforcements.

For this attack pattern, Aragabis launches several spinning units called Maikas (マイカ Maika) which can be used against the boss, but also against other Maikas for obtain more Bonus Items.

Along with the Maikas, Aragabis fires a bullet curtain pattern.

The complexity of the bullets fired by the Maikas depends on the difficulty level of the game.

  • 3rd Form: 1,000 IP (Arcade / Story / PS2) / 10,000 IP (Arrange Mode)
Boss 1-3

You're cornered, and it's gonna get worse, much worse.

The third attack form doesn't require support from small enemies, Aragabis use a fire curtain of bullets that reduces the Triggerheart's movement range, followed by a series of bullet curtains that requires some skills for pass through them, then the pattern repeats.

  • 4th Form: 2,000 IP (Arcade / Story / PS2) / 20,000 IP (Arrange Mode)
Boss 1-4

Calling for reinforcements again.

For its 4th form, Aragabis once again combines both bullet curtains and Maika support using a new type called Maika Nacht (マイカ ナクト Maika Nakuto) which once again can be used to either throw to Aragabis or against other Maikas and/or the bullet curtain for obtaining some Bonus Items, but unlike the second form, the bullet curtain will make things harder.

  • 5th Form: 2,500 IP (Arcade / Story / PS2) / 25,000 IP (Arrange Mode)
Boss 1-5

Touhou-esque attack pattern.

The final attack pattern consist of a combination of a spread bullet pattern and multiple red orbs which blocks the Triggerheart's mobility, the only way to survive this attack is "Anchoring" the boss, this will slow the player down, but being slow is the only chance to dodge this slow but massive bullet pattern.

Triggerheart Exelica RE:Anchor Edit


Kantai Collection "Ver'mith Edition".

Aragabis makes an appearance in RE:Anchor 1.75 as a personificated female entity with a more alien, less human look unlike the Triggerhearts or Bullethearts. Also, she's depicted with her left leg severed, despite being censored, we can see she's bleeding in purple. This could possibly imply that Ver'miths can bleed similary to the mecha in Mazinkaiser or maybe her blood loss is because of her more human nature.

She's also the second and last Ver'mith Core to be personified along with Ennda in the first RE:Anchor.