Ver'mith Symbol

There's something out there waiting for us, and it ain't no man.

The Ver'mith (ヴァーミス Vaamisu, sometimes called Vamis) are an Autonomous militant group armed with metal cells and biological armor and they are the enemy of Exelica and her fellow Triggerhearts in the game.

Maintaining a constant stage of warfare in order to strengthen themselves
and continue to evolve as war machines.

They carry out “territorial encroachment" campaigns against the outside world and their collective strength is based on the configuration and abilities of its members.

In the game, a segment of the fleet has been transported to Earth, after Exelica and Crueltear.

The fleet entered Earth in a slightly weakened state because they used they used their resources to open the wormhole.

At one time, the Ver'mith had a symbiotic relationship with another group.

Following orders that they had received then, the Ver'mith used Earth as a base and aimed to increase their sphere of influence.

Upon ending their relationship for unknown reasons, the Ver'mith collected information from a number of outside groups, and adopted a warlike mind to eliminate outside threats and continue to strengthen themselves, and practiced data collection and value assessment (battle plans vary according to the value of the collected information) on a regular basis.

In order to survive, the Ver'mith selected Earth as one of their escape locations, though other planets were also selected for the same purpose.

Once they cause a certain amount of wreckage, fires, disabling of communications,
and explosions, there is simply no way to stop them.

The Ver'mith fleet is indeed capable of causing mass invasion unlike any other.

Ver'mith CoresEdit

After the Ver'mith fleet descended upon Earth, the Ver'mith Core (ヴァーミス コア Vaamisu Koa) was split into 5 parts, each of which is ruled over by large-scale power aircraft (bosses), and each of which Exelica and Crueltear must fight.

Two of the bosses are accompanied by Faintear.

1st Core: Ver'mith Aragabis (Ground Conqueror)Edit

Boss 1-1

Aragabis firing a spread pattern against Exelica.

(ヴァーミス アルガビス Vaamisu Arugabisu) 1st Stage boss. It resembles a land-based battleship, it hovers slightly over the ground as it moves. Consists of the central and side units, and the frontal float unit. Essentially a combination of crude military weaponry, it attacks with a massive quantity of firepower.
  • 1st Form: No Item Points required

The attacks used on its first mode consists of spread patterns of bullets and red orbs, repeating the attack until it's destroyed or the timer reaches zero.

  • 2nd Form: 500 Item Points (Arcade / Story / PlayStation 2) / 5,000 IP (Arrange Mode)
Boss 1-2

Now you're calling for reinforcements.

For this attack pattern, Aragabis launches several spinning Maikas (マイカ Maika) which can be used against the boss, but also against other Maikas for obtain more Bonus Items.

Along with the Maikas, Aragabis fires a bullet curtain pattern.

The complexity of the bullets fired by the Maikas depends on the difficulty level of the game.

  • 3rd Form: 1,000 IP (Arcade / Story / PS2) / 10,000 IP (Arrange Mode)
Boss 1-3

You're cornered, and it's gonna get worse, much worse.

The third attack form doesn't require support from small enemies, Aragabis use a fire curtain of bullets that reduces the Triggerheart's movement range, followed by a series of bullet curtains that requires some skills for pass through them, then the pattern repeats.

  • 4th Form: 2,000 IP (Arcade / Story / PS2) / 20,000 IP (Arrange Mode)
Boss 1-4

Calling for reinforcements again.

For its 4th form, Aragabis once again combines both bullet curtains and Maika support using a new type called Maika Nacht (マイカ ナクト Maika Nakuto) which once again can be used to  either throw to Aragabis or against other Maikas and/or the bullet curtain for obtaining some Bonus Items, but unlike the second form, the bullet curtain will make things harder.

  • 5th Form: 2,500 IP (Arcade / Story / PS2) / 25,000 IP (Arrange Mode)
Boss 1-5

Touhou-esque attack pattern.

The final attack pattern consist of a combination of a spread bullet pattern and multiple red orbs which blocks the Triggerheart's mobility, the only way to survive this attack is "Anchoring" the boss, this will slow the player down, but being slow is the only chance to dodge this slow but massive bullet pattern.

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