Ver'mith Symbol

There's something out there waiting for us, and it ain't no man.

The Ver'mith (ヴァーミス Vāmisu, sometimes called Vamis or Varmis) are an Autonomous militant group armed with metal cells and biological armor and they are the enemy of Exelica and her fellow Triggerhearts in the game.

Maintaining a constant stage of warfare in order to strengthen themselves and continue to evolve as war machines.

They carry out “territorial encroachment" campaigns against the outside world and their collective strength is based on the configuration and abilities of its members.

In the game, a segment of the fleet has been transported to Earth, after Exelica and Crueltear.

The fleet entered Earth in a slightly weakened state because they used they used their resources to open the wormhole.

At one time, the Ver'mith had a symbiotic relationship with another group.

Following orders that they had received then, the Ver'mith used Earth as a base and aimed to increase their sphere of influence.

Upon ending their relationship for unknown reasons, the Ver'mith collected information from a number of outside groups, and adopted a warlike mind to eliminate outside threats and continue to strengthen themselves, and practiced data collection and value assessment (battle plans vary according to the value of the collected information) on a regular basis.

In order to survive, the Ver'mith selected Earth as one of their escape locations, though other planets were also selected for the same purpose.

Once they cause a certain amount of wreckage, fires, disabling of communications, and explosions, there is simply no way to stop them.

The Ver'mith fleet is indeed capable of causing mass invasion unlike any other.

Ver'mith CoresEdit

After the Ver'mith fleet descended upon Earth, the Ver'mith Core (ヴァーミス コア Vāmisu Koa) was split into 5 parts, each of which is ruled over by large-scale power aircraft (bosses), and each of which Exelica and Crueltear must fight.

Two of the bosses are accompanied by Faintear.

  • Ver'miith Gharatoaga (Multiple Barrage Fighter)
  • Ver'mith Flagreat Merr / Vis / Nacht (High-Speed Airship)
  • Ver'mith Willdiac (Regenerative Type Core)