Unknown Light

Exelica holding a mysterious light.

One of the "Normal Endings" of Triggerheart Exelica, features the eponymous Triggerheart holding an unknown sphere of light. Its origin and meaning remains unclear throughout the whole games of the "series".

Crueltear's Soul TheoryEdit

During Exelica's "Normal Ending", Crueltear apparently dies after the battle with Ver'mith Ennda, and tossing Exelica out of the gate. During her fall, a mysterious sphere of light appeared in Exelica's hands. The "Soul Theory" tries to explain the possible nature of the sphere as one unusual thing: Crueltear's Soul.

The Triggerheart's data could be materialized (somehow), pretty much like a manifestation of her soul, Exelica may realized this and let her beloved sister fly into eternity.

Combat Gear Warp TheoryEdit

This second and more possible theory has one evidence. As Exelica falls in the ending sequence her Combat Gear (and probably her Anchor and weapons) is gone, except for the leg parts. Those could disappear transforming into this orb of energy for teleportation purposes, they could be sent back to the C'rna_dyne, but there's no further information to confirm this, remaining as a mystery.


  • In the page 70 of the Archive Anchor book, the light is refered as "?" in a rough sketch of Exelica's ending, and unlike the game, Exelica has all her equipment, which could be solid evidence of the Soul Theory, but the A'rstear and D'rfend are still missing, which still supports the weapon Warp Theory.