Triggerheart Exelica RE:Anchor is a series of official Doujinshis of Triggerheart Exelica. released as part of the 10th Anniversary of the game. The series of doujins are created by the game's original artist Kazuhiko Kakoi featuring concepts and ideas for a possible "Triggerheart Exelica II". The first doujin was released in January 2016.

RE:Anchor is comprised of three volumes.

  • Triggerheart Exelica RE:Anchor - False Start, Last Chance, The Sisters Triggerheart versus Bulletheart
  • Triggerheart Exelica RE:Anchor 1.5 - Integrity & Intensity, an era never to be duplicated again.
  • Triggerheart Exelica RE:Anchor 1.75 - Turn Threats into Targets. It's a living hell for TH and a true heaven for shooters.




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