Exelica Stage 5 pose

Follow Exelica on her Story throughout the game.

Below is the English script of Exelica's Story Mode in Triggerheart Exelica Enhanced. The script was made using translations provided by Facebook member Agustinus Zheng (formerly known as Vanitas Sentimentos).

Main PrologueEdit


Ver'mith Symbol

A sign of an alien evil is on the stars.

......Coming out of the darkness, enshrouding the skies, splitting the sea,
choking the earth, devouring the mind.

Ver'mith VS Tilde Fleet

Tilde Fleet fighting back, despite having a disadvantage against the agressor.

The grand battleship empire "Ver'mith" invaded the planet, taking the cosmic stars down, and engulfing the land in flames.

With inner instincts, they spread terror to every nation and disband them and due to the corrosive nature of the pure living specimen, shall bring doomsday.

Their rival, the Super Space Administration Defense Unit "C.H.I.L.D.A."
wishes to end the battle after reading the cause of chaos,

Story Mode Prologue - Crueltear is born

The Triggerheart Unit TH32, Crueltear, is created.

Triggerheart: C.H.I.L.D.A.'s 7th division of secret weapons deployed as humanoid fighters.
That is their truth that lies in the battle.

With their ability combined with the Triggerheart weapon,
C.H.I.L.D.A. is temporarily regrouping.

C.H.I.L.D.A. has entered the battlefield against Ver'mith units during the battle.

Story Mode Prologue - Exelica heading to the light

Exelica heading to the gate.

Meanwhile, Ver'mith's units are prepared with massive machinery
from outer space they recuperated and reengage
in the grand rotation of "gate" in space.
What lies the outcome before their eyes in the battle.....

Character PrologueEdit

Part 1: ExplosionEdit

Exelica Story Mode 01 - Engaging

Crueltear communicating with Exelica

[A split image of Exelica and Crueltear is shown to the player]

Crueltear: Exelica, can you hear me? Are you alright?
Exelica: Sister! What's the plan? What about the Ver'mith?
Crueltear: C'rna_dyne's anti-plan. She'll call us soon! We'll have to seal the access with other units...
Crueltear: Exelica!

[Screen flashes as Exelica's equipment is scattered, as if the Triggerheart was damaged]
Exelica: Ugh..!

[Fades to white]

Exelica Story Mode 02 - Exelica in trouble

Communication is lost as Exelica gets hit by an unknown enemy (or weapon).

Part 2: DamagesEdit

Exelica Story Mode 03 - Exelica Awakes

Exelica awakes from her near-death experience.

[Screen unfades, revealing Exelica lying on the metallic floor of the C'rna_dyne, Crueltear is next to her.]

Exelica: Nnh...
Crueltear: Exelica, thank goodness you're okay.
Exelica: Sis...ter
Exelica: Um, we were bursting through Ver'mith's domain.
Exelica: That's right, before the explosion!!
Crueltear: That's right. We didn't try to shoot it. Could that be...?

[C'r_na appears and both Triggerhearts stare at her.]

Exelica Story Mode 04 - C'r na

C'r_na appears to bring the good and bad news about the situation.

C'r_na: [C'r_na materialization sound is heard] I'm glad you two are right. After you recovered, we received terrible news about your parts.
They are badly damaged, overheated and unable to push further. I'm afraid you'll have to wait until we remodel them.
Crueltear: C'r_na. I see, thanks for helping us.
Exelica: What about our units?
C'r_na: Damage is critical. In order to fully repair them, we will have to get new materials for remodeling them into our custom-made models.
C'r_na: We can't expect to get to our home planet to get them repaired because we have insufficient report data and can't match the stars.
Exelica: What do you mean "Can't expect"?
C'r_na: Your unit metabolism rate has decreased, we need to attach Reboot and Repair mode.
C'r_na: We will begin the unit reparations soon, so you'll have to wait and stay out. We will call you later when done.
Crueltear: Understood. You take the control, then.
Exelica: [Thinking to herself] (Star of hope... just which star is here?)
Exelica: We'll be wandering the Earth with this star.
Exelica: We'll go with Reboot Mode, we'll stay on Earth until then.

Part 3: Living on Earth - Part OneEdit

Exelica Story Mode 05 - Living on Earth

A'rstear and Exelica on a beach stroll.

[Screen shows Exelica walking on the beach with the A'rstear]

Exelica: Hehe... It's favorable, A'rstear.
Exelica: We can relax for now, nothing's wrong with your booster engine parts. All that's left is to return to C'rna_dyne and repair the Core module's sensor.
Exelica: Ah, daddy.
Exelica: [Thinking to herself] Skiltall. Because we got back to our home planet, we met the human planet for the first time. We exist as humans because we have something to protect.

[Fades to white]

Part 4: Flashback #1 - SkiltallEdit

Exelica Story Mode 07 - Skiltall

The Triggerhearts met Skiltall for their very first time.

[Screen unfades, revealing an image of Skiltall looking at Exelica and Crueltear]

Skiltall: Who are you girls? What are those mechanical things?
Crueltear: Nice to meet you, though we're not through yet...
Crueltear: We want to learn your languages.
Exelica: Um, I'm, soaring from stars, and live in the Earth like you guys, Triggerheart.
Exelica: Triggerheart... Exelica.

Part 5: Living on Earth - Part TwoEdit

Exelica Story Mode 06 - Daddy's calling

Exelica's expression changes as Skiltall calls her and talks about her second home; Earth.

Exelica: Can we see it someday?
Skiltall: Unfortunately, we are still unsure about our calculations. Wonder if there is something like a friend.
Exelica: Friend? Like, going together with a friend, right?
Skiltall: I mean... flying in the skies gracefully.
Exelica: Grace, huh. Was it because we reflected our flights during performance in the promotion agency?
Skiltall: But that's not it, and we didn't see the weapons. That's you.
Exelica: I'm sorry about it. But I don't really want to fight. I'll be put in the C'rna_dyne.
Skiltall: Don't worry about it. But, in this place, remember that you're not humans.
Exelica: Father...
Exelica: My sister and I are from below, this planet is filled with sunlight, like in a half rotation.
Exelica: Like father told us, this might be the place we will live in... and remember that we'll find our new place.
Skiltall: Your hometown. No, your second hometown.
Exelica: Yes.

Part 6: In the middle of the nightEdit

Exelica Story Mode Prologue - Coastal Town

The quiet night...

[A night view of the hometown is shown on screen]

Exelica: (We lived as weapons, and this planet is always peaceful...)
Exelica: (From now on, what of our existence? Our father is being lonely and well.)

Exelica Story Mode - Coastal Town (Gate Open) about to become a Ver'mith nightmare.

[The dark blue sky suddenly turns red as a gate opens in the sky above.]

Part 7: Ver'mith AttackEdit

Exelica Story Mode 08 - Ver'mith Attack

An Esbarel appears to eliminate both Exelica and Skiltall.

[An Esbarel appear in front of Exelica and behind Skiltall who protects Omelette]

C'r_na: [An alarm noise is heard] It's the Ver'mith! The gate has been connected!
Exelica: The gate... the Ver'mith is also here!?
Exelica: Omelette!!
Omelette: Meow!!
Skiltall: We can't escape from here!
Exelica: Watch out, Father!

[Crueltear appears, eliminating the Esbarel]

Exelica Story Mode 09 - Crueltear Arrives

Crueltear makes her arrival.

Crueltear: C'rnBurn! [An explosion is heard as the Esbarel is destroyed.]
Exelica: !! Sister...
Crueltear: You okay, guys? For Unit's Aging, we're out of C'rna_dyne. It was a blessing in disguise, right?
Skiltall: It's good timing. Sorry about that.
Exelica: Father, thank god you're okay.
Exelica: Why must we think about Ver'mith now!?
Crueltear: The dimensional space shuttle has an irregular usage... isn't it?
C'r_na: After transferring, us and Ver'mith will be separated in a lagged normal space and it won't rise, I think.
Exelica: That means...
C'r_na: Of course, we'll guess.
Exelica: ......
C'r_na: Other than that, hurry and enter Battle Mode. Because there's not always play all necessary conditions, but there is an anxiety...
C'r_na: Use the spare units to reboot. Time the marching all-out attack well!
Exelica: Sister!
Crueltear: Exelica, We're going to help C'rna_dyne. You go on ahead!
Skiltall: You're going anyway?

Part 8: Exelica's DecisionEdit

Exelica Story Mode 10 - Exelica's decision

Exelica is faced with one single decision: Fight back.

Exelica: [Thinking to herself] Ver'mith's attacks are really disastrous. It will become dangerous when no one comes to protect.
Exelica: If possible, if we enter the unknown planet from sides while not gaining more threats, we can manage to hold them.
Exelica: We'll go now. For this purpose we are Triggerhearts. If we can't go to the other place this time, we could be destroyed by Ver'mith.
Skiltall: ......
Exelica: It's alright. We're Triggerhearts, after all.
Exelica: We have a chance to succeed. We will go back. Take care of Omelete for me until then.
Omelette: Meow...
Crueltear: Exelica, can you hear me? Sort out the tuning as far as possible...

[Fades to black]

Part 9: Triggerheart LaunchEdit

Exelica: [Starting weapon and unit final checks] Reactor, Sighting Device Link, Check. Unit Synchro, Field active!. Companion Gunner Ship A'rstear, Companion Anchor Fighter Ship D'rfend.
Exelica: Unit Exelica, storming off!

[Prologue ends]

Stage 1Edit

Part 1: Stage StartEdit

[Crueltear and Exelica are seen flying above the clouds at the break of dawn. Camera's angle changes as the clouds are seen. Gameplay interrupts]

Crueltear: Exelica, can you hear me? You'll have to watch C'na_dyne's unit.
Crueltear: We'll fight like that time in the winter.
Crueltear: Ver'mith might probably get the advanced parts, but they have the cores as weak points. Just destroy them all.
Crueltear: Whoever one of us is defeated, I'll finish the rest. Absolutely.
Exelica: Absolutely.
Crueltear: Yes. Absolutely. Talk to you later.
Exelica: Right!

[Crueltear breaks the 2 Triggerheart formation leaving Exelica on her own in the battlefield, gameplay begins.]


[Exelica engages in a one-on-one battle against a group of Esbarels and a Misuka Power-up carrier. Another formation of Esbarels appear. Once there's no enemies in sight, Exelica prepares to descend from the clouds to attack the ground forces, then the gameplay interrupts.]

Part 2: Descension - Ver'mith TransmissionEdit

Ver'mith 00: What are you doing here, second unit?
Ver'mith 02: How unexpected. Our status cannot be verified.
Ver'mith 00: Additional status. What's the sample aircraft?
Ver'mith 01: Some functions will be unusable for Pallete parts' feedback.
Ver'mith 00: It should move. It's an original excavation equipment.
Ver'mith 02: Agreed.
Ver'mith 01: Understood.
Exelica: The ground will expand again..... I'll beat the Ver'mith before they start to occupying and dismantle this area!
Exelica: I can't let that happen!

[Returns to gameplay. Exelica eliminates the ground forces successfully.]


System Voice: Emergency!, Emergency!, The target is approaching. ¿Are you ready?

[Ver'mith Aragabis is deployed to stop Exelica, Gameplay interrupts.]

Part 3: Boss ApproachingEdit

Exelica: That's the corrupt core!
Exelica: The exterior of the model, a ground-type battleship.

[Exelica attacks Aragabis within the score-time limit, destroying it with no problems. After exploding, Aragabis transforms to its second mode]

Part 4: Boss BattleEdit

[Gameplay interrupts]

Exelica: It transformed?

[Gameplay resumes again, Exelica destroys Aragabis second form, only to transform into its third mode. Gameplay interrupts once again]
Exelica: Its firepower is increasing!?

[Gameplay resumes once again, Exelica destroys Aragabis again, then it transforms into its fourth form. Gameplay interrupts again.]
Exelica: Another enemy weaponry attack! I'll shoot it down!

[Gameplay resumes again, Exelica defeats Aragabis once again, but it transforms into it's fifth and final form. Gameplay once again is interrupted.]
Exelica: Just a little more!

[Gameplay resumes. Exelica finally destroys Aragabis. As it explodes, the game interrupts once again before the final explosion.]

Part 5: Boss DestroyedEdit

Exelica: First, I'll take down the core...
Exelica: What? It's still far!?
Exelica: It's not over, there's still more!!

[Gameplay resumes for a brief moment as Faintear Imitate appears, then the gameplay is interrupted again.]

Part 6: Imitate AppearsEdit

Exelica Story Mode 11 - Are you a Triggerheart

"Are you a Triggerheart?", Exelica faces a hostile "Triggerheart".

Imitate: I've come now, eh? Are you my opponent?
Exelica: You're a... Triggerheart!? Why!?
Imitate: I don't need introductions. Let's fight!
Exelica: What!?

[Gameplay resumes. Exelica's first fight against Imitate begins, Exelica defeats her with no problem. Gameplay is interrupted after her first defeat.]

Part 7: Imitate's First DefeatEdit

Imitate: Hmm... well, how about this!?
Exelica: It's coming!

[Gameplay resumes. Exelica defeats Imitate again. Gameplay is interrupted once again.]

Part 8: Imitate's Second DefeatEdit

Imitate: Pretty good. We'll meet again.

[Gameplay resumes as Imitate retreats, then the gameplay is once again interrupted.]

Part 9: Imitate Escapes - Stage ClearEdit

Exelica: It's Jamming!? I can't catch her with sensors!
Exelica: That Triggerheart is now our enemy?, I need to press on!

[Gameplay resumes for a few seconds as the screen cuts to black.]


[Player's performance, bonus points and total score are revealed.]

[Stage ends.]

Stage 1 CutsceneEdit

Part 1: WorriesEdit

Exelica Story Mode 12 - Stage 2 Prologue

Exelica searching for the Ver'mith units scattered on the city.

Exelica: They'll invade the town in a short time.
Exelica: Because my unit level wasn't high. They'll take over the planet soon enough.
Exelica: Father, Omelette, I hope you are alright...

Part 2: Flashback #2 - OmeletteEdit

Exelica Story Mode - Exelica and Omelette

Exelica recieving Omelette.

Exelica: [Omelette meows] So fluffy! Let me hold him! ah!
Omelette: Meow!
Crueltear: This is a cat, right? We're going to feed him.
Skiltall: Haha, I think he wants to taste himself.
Crueltear: Huh?
Skiltall: Cats are fond to taste themselves as their usual habits. It's because cats' movements are high, and they do themselves.
Skiltall: We humans, friends, and family. Exisiting cells. No, somehow when we were poor, we exist to rely on ourselves to work for a living.
Exelica: Ah, I see.
Omelette: Meow.
Skiltall: But, you have to give it a good and important name.
Exelica: What's the meaning of this!?
Skiltall: The name you will give must be a sign of friendship, cheerful and loving family.
Skiltall: We can't call it if you don't give a name.
Crueltear: I see.
Exelica: I understand. I'll give him the right name.
Exelica: Exelica's destined name for this cat, is Omelette.
Crueltear: Omelette?
Exelica: Like my father said, It's the loving harmony of the planet.
Omelette: Meow.
Exelica: We'll be back definitely. To the surface with my sister.
Exelica: To go back home to our father.

Stage 2Edit

Part 1: Stage StartEdit


[Exelica arrives, gameplay interrupts.]

Exelica: What have they done?!.... I won't forgive them!

[Gameplay resumes. Exelica engages both air and ground forces on the city streets, obtaining the second Power Up item and another Bomb item.]


System Voice: Emergency!, Emergency!, The target is approaching. ¿Are you ready?

Part 2: Boss ApproachingEdit

[Gameplay is interrupted before Ver'mith Gharatoaga appears]

Exelica: Now the cannon's unit core has a recovery unit?
Exelica: The core point will show up after I destroy the shield.

[Gameplay resumes, Exelica battles Gharatoaga on its first form.]

Part 3: Boss BattleEdit

[Exelica destroys Gharatoaga's first form only to transform into its second mode. Gameplay interrupts]

Exelica: He's concentrating the firepower. I'm going to buy him some time with my movements!

[Gharatoaga's second form is destroyed. It changes into it's third mode. Gameplay is interrupted again.]
Exelica: Another armament! That jerk!

[Gameplay resumes and Exelica eliminates Gharatoaga's third mode, it transforms into it's fourth and last mode. Gameplay is interrupted once again.]
Exelica: Again!? Alright!

[Gharatoaga's last form is destroyed, eliminating the second Ver'mith core once and for all. Gameplay is interrupted one last time.]

Part 4: Boss Destroyed - Stage ClearEdit

Exelica: This time, that red Triggerheart didn't come out... It can't be, she's going to after my sister!?

[Gameplay resumes for a few seconds as the screen cuts to black.]


[Player's performance, bonus points and total score are revealed.]

[Stage ends.]

Stage 2 CutsceneEdit

Part 1: Searching the enemyEdit

Exelica Story Mode 14 - Stage 3 Prologue

Exelica on the sky above.

[Exelica is seen above the clouds]

Exelica: Peripheral internal data will support enemies soon. They will grow faster if this goes on.
Exelica: [Thinking to herself] (Right now I can't shoot the reactor power from behind myself... I'll never know when that red Triggerheart might come and interrupt)

[Closes her eyes]

Part 2: Flashback #3 - Call me "Father"Edit

Exelica Story Mode 15 - Father Skiltall

[Scene changes to a depressed Exelica and Crueltear, as Skiltall looks at them with a worried face.]

Skiltall: I can't believe it now. Your appearances are like remodified advanced weapons.
Skiltall: Well, Exelica, Crueltear. You two were born to reach for the stars in the skies.
Skiltall: If you fulfill your desire and don't come back, it'll be alright if you two can't be weapons.
Skiltall: In the end, the planet that you hold dear, I can live by myself if I wish to.
Skiltall: I understand if you don't need me.
Exelica: ......
Crueltear: ......
Skiltall: Please, come home safely.
Skiltall: By the way regardless of worlds, I don't want to be called grandfather again. At least call me father.
Exelica: Y-yes!

Part 3: A Triggerheart's meaning of ExistenceEdit

Exelica Story Mode 16 - Stage 3 Prologue (Eyes closed)

Exelica thinking about her purpose in this world.

[Scene returns to the previous image of Exelica in the clouds.]

Exelica: [Thinking to herself] I was meant to exist because I was born to defeat Ver'mith.
Exelica: I knew my reasons of existence disappeared when I flew to the skies.
Exelica: No, maybe I'm happy because I didn't really disappear.
Exelica: Father and Omelette, Sister, I will go home with everyone.
Exelica: But, we can't let them advance any further.
Exelica: The stars of birth. Nature. And people.
Exelica: Protect.... I must protect this place!

[Cutscene ends.]

Stage 3Edit

Part 1: Stage StartEdit


[Exelica appears on the bottom left part of the screen, gameplay interrupts.]

Exelica: If I must see things I remembered, I have to fly closer to the blue skies...
Exelica: Here it comes!
Exelica: A'rstear, D'rfend, are you ready? ...Let's go!

[Gameplay resumes. The player eliminates the Ver'mith aerial fleet]


System Voice: Emergency!, Emergency!, The target is approaching. ¿Are you ready?

Part 2: Boss ApproachingEdit

[Ver'mith Flagreat Merr appears.]

[Gameplay interrupts.]

Exelica: Air play? It must be another core this time.

[Gameplay resumes. Exelica eliminates Flagreat Merr. However, Flagreat Vis appears to engage Exelica. Gameplay interrupts before fighting.]

Part 3: Boss BattleEdit

Exelica: The structure has changed!? Maybe it has become stronger.

[Gameplay resumes. Exelica attacks and destroys Flagreat Vis, but Flagreat Nact appears right after the explosion. Once again the gameplay is interrupted.]
Exelica: I won't lose!

[Exelica destroys Flagreat Nact.]

Part 4: Imitate's Second FightEdit

[Gameplay interrupts]

Imitate: I'm happy we meet again. Just kidding.
Exelica: You again? Just who are you!? Answer me!
Imitate: Oh, shut it. I'll talk after I win!
Exelica: I don't have time to mess around with you. Move aside!
Imitate: Oh, the princess is in a hurry? If you must, I'll play with you!

[Gameplay resumes. Exelica defeats Faintear Imitate again.]

Part 5: Imitate DefeatedEdit

[Gameplay interrupts.]

Exelica: Well!? Give it up!
Imitate: Hmm, If I match up with your speed, I can still stop you!
Exelica: Ouch...!

[Gameplay resumes. Faintear Imitate retreats again.]

Part 6: Imitate Escapes - Stage ClearEdit

[Gameplay interrupts again.]

Exelica: Ah, again!!
Exelica: Is she serious? Is that...
Exelica: To fight together is the Triggerheart's code. What is that red unit thinking, anyway?

[Gameplay resumes for a few seconds as the screen cuts to black.]


[Player's performance, bonus points and total score are revealed.]

[Stage ends.]

Stage 3 CutsceneEdit

Exelica Story Mode 17 - Facing more enemies

Exelica heading to the enemy fleet located in the coastal industrial area.

[Exelica heads to a Ver'mith-occupied industrial area in the coastline, some of the enemy units are heading to intercept her, battle seems unavoidable.]

Exelica: That Ver'mith core just now.... the enhanced core was about bursting out to the skies.
Exelica: This time, it now heads to the ground and makes an opening.
Exelica: I'll break through the the city and destroy the remaining cores!
Exelica: A'rstear, D'rfend, let's go!

[Cutscene ends.]

Stage 4Edit

Part 1: Stage StartEdit


[Exelica appears on the bottom left part of the screen, gameplay interrupts.]

Exelica: Get out of the way! I'm not here to fight you!

[Gameplay resumes, Exelica eliminates the ground resistance on the surface. Then she heads to an underground base where the enemy has set a massive defense line which Exelica takes down with no problem.]


System Voice: Emergency!, Emergency!, The target is approaching. ¿Are you ready?

[Gameplay interrupts as Ver'mith Willdiac is seen.]

Part 2: Boss ApproachingEdit

Exelica: Is that core... recovering?

[Gameplay resumes. Exelica defeats Willdiac]

Part 3: Boss BattleEdit

Exelica: A mistake recover pattern!?
Exelica: Now it's a light weaponry attack this time?
Exelica: You're going down next!

Part 4: Boss Destroyed - Stage ClearEdit

Exelica: [Thinking to herself] (The enemy is slowly gaining strength)
Exelica: (And this time, if that red Triggerheart comes, I wonder if I can win against her under my current conditions)
Exelica: (No, I can't lose here)
Exelica: I made a promise to my sister!

[Gameplay resumes for a few seconds as the screen cuts to black.]


[Player's performance, bonus points and total score are revealed.]

[Stage ends.]

Stage 4 CutsceneEdit

Exelica Story Mode 18 - To the final confrontation

Exelica heading to the final confrontation.

[As night begins to darken into the evening sky, Exelica is looking at the distant stars.]

Exelica: I've come here at last.
Exelica: There must be... a Master Core up there in this place.
Exelica: I can't let my guard down. There will be more bullets coming after me.
Exelica: But, I will definitely end this!

[Cutscene ends.]

Stage 5Edit

Part 1: Stage StartEdit


[Exelica appears on the bottom left part of the screen, gameplay interrupts.]

Exelica: This is the den...... Sister, I wonder if you're alright.

[Gameplay resumes. Exelica engages with the final wave of Ver'mith forces guarding the Master Core's location. Gameplay interrupts as a Ver'mith Sub-Core appears.]

Part 2: Mid-Boss EncounterEdit

Exelica: Come! If you want to stop me, do it now!
Exelica: I'm clear here, time to move on!

[Gameplay resumes. Exelica destroys the Ver'mith Sub-Core and grabs two Power Up items and an Extra Bomb item.]


[Faintear Imitate appears. Gameplay interrupts]

Part 3: Imitate's Last StandEdit

Imitate: Welcome to my humble abode.
Imitate: Don't sweat it when I treat you nicely.
Imitate: it will be me who will be fighting you right here.
Exelica: You're wrong. I will win!
Exelica: [Thinking to herself] (Yes, I must win, for my sister)
Imitate: Shut up! I can destroy you because I analyzed the current unit you're wearing.
Exelica: Your analysis?
Imitate: Yes, I'll get your data. You are ,after all, only material that makes me stronger.
Imitate: It's good when I'm observing a lot, because I'm interested in recovering. It'll become a trouble if I chop you up.
Exelica: Like that will ever happen.
Exelica: In the name of the Triggerhearts, I won't lose to you!

[Gameplay resumes. Exelica defeats Faintear Imitate one more time.]

[Gameplay interrutps.]

Part 4: Imitate DefeatedEdit

Imitate: Hehe... no, not yet...

[Gameplay resumes. Several Fardotts aim at the player in an imminent, sure death firing sequence. Gameplay interrupts before firing.]

Part 5: Crueltear Appears Edit

Crueltear: C'rnBurn!
Imitate: What!?

[Gameplay resumes. Crueltear's bomb shot destroys the Fardotts before they fire. Crueltear appears next to Exelica.]

[Gameplay interrupts.]

Part 6: Imitate's Second DefeatEdit

Imitate: How... could I...?
Exelica: Sis!
Crueltear: You're wasting your breath! It's over. All that's left is to destroy the core. Exelica, are you alright?
Exelica: Yeah, somehow.
Crueltear: That's my little sister.

[Gameplay resumes]

[The "Ending Route" will change depending if the player used a continue or not troughout the gameplay.]

Stage 5 - Normal Ending RouteEdit

[If the player used at least one continue during his / her gameplay.]

Part 1: Ennda AppearsEdit

[Gameplay resumes as Ver'mith Ennda appears and attacks Crueltear. Multiple explosions make a stream as Crueltear is pushed off-screen by the attack. Gameplay interrupts.]

Crueltear: Aaaahhh!
Exelica: Sister!
Imitate: Ahahaha! That was too close!
Imitate: See! You just pushed your luck! Now it's you!!
Imitate: No.. not me, Stop! NOOOO!!

[Ennda captures Imitate and "merges" with her, destroying Imitate in the process. Gameplay interrupts again.]

Part 2: Exelica VS EnndaEdit

Exelica: Huh! Communication Link's noise... no, Voice!? Ah!
Ver'mith Ennda: another Copy, huh. The place where the true Triggerheart is defeated, lies here.
Exelica: Copy!? I see, that red Triggerheart just now. We are on our way to capture the Triggerheart, and that...
Exelica: How could you!
Ver'mith Ennda: Whatever. It's time for you to be eliminated.
Exelica: I... will never become one.... like you!
Exelica: Come on!

[Gameplay resumes. Exelica defeats Ver'mith Ennda, destroying her once and for all.]

Part 3: Stage ClearEdit

[Ver'mith Ennda explodes. As she's destroyed, so does the entire stage, an agonizing Crueltear appears infront of Exelica. Gameplay is interrupted.]

Ver'mith Ennda: Aaaaaaah...
Exelica: Sister!

[Gameplay resumes again. Crueltear gets in an "Anchor lock" position, aiming at Exelica. Once again the gameplay is interrupted.]

Exelica: Sister! Hang in there!
Crueltear: Exelica, we did it. ....You just go on ahead. And, go home. You're grown up now.
Crueltear: Don't worry. I'll come back soon.
Exelica: But!!
Crueltear: I don't care, if the pain takes me forever ......C'RNBURN!

[Gameplay resumes. Crueltear capture lock's Exelica with her Anchor Unit. Crueltear prepares to throw Exelica away. Gameplay interrupts one last time before releasing Exelica.]

Exelica: SISTER!!

[Gameplay resumes. Crueltear throws Exelica to the gate, as Exelica spins uncontrollably, Crueltear is left behind to her apparent death.]

[Fades to white, level ends.]

[Screen unfades as Exelica (Without equipment) is seen holding an Orb of light that leaves her hands]

[Cutscene ends]


Part 4: EpilogueEdit

Exelica Story Mode 19 - Normal Ending 1

Exelica waiting.

[Exelica is seen sitting with Omelette next to her.]

Exelica: [Omelette meows] Huh?
Exelica: It's alright. Let's go home, definitely.
Exelica: It's because, my sister is stronger.

Exelica Story Mode 20 - Normal Ending 2

C'r_na appears next to Exelica.

[Scene changes to Exelica and C'r_na]

Exelica: I'll be forever waiting for you, Sister.
Exelica: That's why... you must come home, here.

Exelica Story Mode 21 - Normal Ending 3

Exelica saddens, implying Crueltear will not return.

[Exelica's expression changes, implying sadness due to Crueltear's apparent death.]

Exelica: We have protected our second homeland.
Exelica: Return to this star, return to this place.

[Fades to black]

[Game Over theme plays as the Game Over logo appears]


System Voice: Game Over.

["Now Loading" Anchor Unit icon appears on the bottom right part of the screen. Fades to black as the loading is complete and the Game Over theme ends.]

[If the player's score is not enough to reach rank 10th, the Main Menu screen appears.]

[If player's score is high enough to reach one of the 10 ranking positions the Rank In screen appears showing the Level 1 Clear pic of Exelica as the background. The player enters his/her initials, then the Memory Card check message appears, game data Auto-saves.]

[Fades to black, and the Main Menu screen appears.]

Stage 5 - True Ending RouteEdit

[If the player did not use a continue during his/her gameplay, the True Ending Route is achieved.]

Part 1: Ennda AppearsEdit

Crueltear: Huh? What!?
Exelica: !!
Imitate: I'll just destroy you two here!

[Gameplay resumes as Ver'mith Ennda appears and attacks Crueltear. Multiple explosions make a stream as Crueltear is pushed off-screen by the attack. Gameplay interrpts.]

Part 2: Exelica VS EnndaEdit

Crueltear: Ahhh!

[Gameplay resumes as Faintear Imitate merges with Ver'mith Ennda]

Exelica: I told you before...
Exelica: I won't lose!
Exelica: COME ON!!

[Gameplay resumes as Exelica battles Ennda in a final battle where Exelica emerges victorious]

Part 3: Stage ClearEdit

Imitate: *pant* this is...
Imitate: You showed me the big one to beat me, I did not expect that!
Imitate: If this happens, I'll...
Exelica: The gate is moving!? Transmission?
Imitate: Now, just where will you go, while the gate is stable..... I'm being defeated... here...
Imitate: You just fly OUT OF HERE!!!
Imitate: What!?
Crueltear: You won't get away!
Imitate: I won't let myself get killed!
Crueltear: Exelica! Give me your power!
Exelica: Yes!
Exelica: D'rfend! Capture!
Imitate: Gaah! STOOOP!!
Exelica: Sister!
Crueltear: Exelica!

[Gameplay resumes. An exploding Faintear Imitate is thrown away, implying she's finally destroyed by the Triggerhearts.]

Exelica: GO!!

[Gameplay resumes as both Exelica and Crueltear head to the gate, escaping from the battlefield.]

[Fades to white, level ends]


Part 4: EpilogueEdit

[A darkened planetarium lights up.]

Crueltear: With this, the star above is at peace.
Exelica: C.H.I.L.D.A.'s mother star...
Crueltear: This must be in another space.
Exelica: Can we go home someday, sister?
Crueltear: Who knows. It's up to our fate now.
Exelica: I just remembered. There must be another way.
Exelica: Sister, we'll be fine if we're with everyone.
Exelica: That's why, I'm glad we protected our second homeland.
Crueltear: Yeah. This second homeland wasn't our star after all.

Exelica Story Mode 22 - True Ending 1

Triggerhearts at the observatory.

[Scene changes to the Triggerhearts on the planetarium. Crueltear is looking at the telescope while Exelica is looking at somewhere else.]

Exelica: What's wrong, sister?
Crueltear: Right now, you said you'll face everything, right?
Exelica: .......
Crueltear: You'll face everything, even unstable decision, self by self. As Triggerhearts. That didn't change anything.
Crueltear: We don't care we go home to another C.H.I.L.D.A.'s star, as in our new place.... I also remembered, that we've done our part for those we hold dear.
Exelica: Yeah.

Exelica Story Mode 23 - True Ending 2

C'r_na calls the Triggerhearts to take care of an unusual situation.

[Scene changes to a shocked C'r_na communicating with Crueltear and Exelica]

C'r_na: Hey, can you hear me!?
Exelica: What's wrong, Cr_na? Hijacked cockpit!?
C'r_na: Um, um, um... That cat is going to mess the control
C'r_na: Please stop it!! We can't fly any further! Stop! [Things getting broken are heard implying Omelette is making a mess on the C'rna_dyne.]
Crueltear: Let's go, Exelica!
Exelica: Yeah!

[Fades to black, Game Over logo appears without its theme.]


System Voice: Game Over.

["Now Loading" Anchor Unit icon appears on the bottom right part of the screen. Fades to black as the loading is complete.]

[If the player's score is not enough to reach rank 10th, the Main Menu screen appears.]

[If player's score is high enough to reach one of the 10 ranking positions the Rank In screen appears showing the Level 1 Clear pic of Exelica as the background. The player enter his/her initials, then the Memory Card check message appears, game data Auto-saves.]

[Fades to black, and the Main Menu screen appears.]


  • If the player let Faintear Imitate escape at the end of Stage 1, there will be a glitch of some sorts where Exelica will say "It's Jamming!? I can't catch her with sensors!, That Triggerheart, is now our enemy?, it's better to move forward!" before Imitate escapes, and again before the stage ends after Imitate retreats. This game error could imply the possiblity of an intended "Failed battle" dialogue that was cancelled by the developers at the last minute.
  • The Normal Endings of Exelica and Crueltear are very similar to the "UBW Route" ending of Fate/Stay Night, where Shiro Emiya sacrifies himself, while Sakura Matou waits for him to come back home, without knowing about his fate.
  • It is unknown how Exelica and Crueltear lost their equipment in the ending cutscenes, While Exelica only has the leg parts of her armor, Crueltear's Combat Gear was totally removed, leaving her in Spec Suit only.
  • Also, it is not explained how did Omelette got inside C'rna_dyne, since Exelica gave her to Skiltall to take care of while she was out.

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