It's basically the same, but upgraded.

The XBOX Live Arcade version of Triggerheart Exelica is an updated version of the original arcade game released on February 7, 2008 with a cost of 800 Microsoft points for the XBOX360 console.

Features of the XBOX Live Arcade versionEdit

New CutscenesEdit

  • New ending based on the arcade version.

Compatible with Hi-Vision (D4)Edit

  • Complete vertical screen mode (90º and Reverse 90º)
  • High Definition graphics and redesigned characters.

Online Leaderboards!Edit

  • Separate Ranks for each Difficulty Level
  • New & Improved Scoring System

Arranged SoundtrackEdit

  • Brand new musical arrangements from the original composer, creating an entirely different atmosphere from the Arcade and Dreamcast versions.

Errors and CensorshipEdit

Although the new improvements and features, the XBLA version of Exelica featured a couple of elements that sparked some controversy among the Triggerheart fandom.

¿Sister no more?Edit

In the english subtitles, Exelica calls Crueltear by her name, while the voice sample says "Nee-san" (姉とし) clearly, it could be a translation error.

Censorship for CrueltearEdit

XBLA Crueltear Normal Ending

Close-up or Censorship?

Crueltear's Normal ending appears to have been, for lack of a better term, censored in the XBLA version. In the Dreamcast version, as she's falling backward (the hand-drawn cinematic) her entire body is displayed and you can clearly see her crotch (yeah, she has on a swimsuit deal, but there's barely any coverage), while in the XBLA version, the image starts out more zoomed in on her face and never pans out enough to show her entire body.

Fortunately, her Normal ending was uncensored in Triggerheart Exelica Enhanced.

Lost in Translation Edit

When Crueltear is captured by Ver'mith Ennda at the end of the "Normal Ending Route" of Exelica, Exelica screams "Yamete!!" (やめて = Stop!!), but is wrongly translated as "No, let her go!"

XBOX One Backwards CompatiblityEdit

Triggerheart Exelica - XBOX One

We had 8 years to prepare. So Exelica did.

On July 28th, 2016, Twitter member Larry Hryb announced the release of Triggerheart Exelica as one of the Backwards Compatibility titles for the XBOX One console and it was released on August 2.

Curiosities Edit

  • The XBLA port is the only one where the "Triggerheart Exelica" title screen off-voice is absent.
  • Its also the last console version where Yuko Ishibashi voiced Faintear Imitate.
  • It is also the only port where an ending is censored.
  • The game's new "structure" was reassigned as the Arcade Mode in Triggerheart Exelica Enhanced.
  • The XBLA arranged soundtrack was re-used in the PS2 Enhanced version.
  • The wallpaper of Crueltear used on the XBOX One Store is from the downloadable Enhanced wallpapers from Warashi's now defunct official site.


Xbox 360 Longplay 085 Triggerheart Exelica

Xbox 360 Longplay 085 Triggerheart Exelica


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