Archive Anchor

A Hard-to-find item for Triggerheart fans and shmup fans in general.

Triggerheart Exelica: Capture & Guide Book "Archive Anchor" (トリガーハート エグゼリカ 攻略&設定資料集アーカイヴ・アンカー Torigāhāto Eguzerika Kouryaku Setteishiryoushuu Ākaivu Ankā) is an official fanbook published in July 29, 2007 by Kill Time Communication. This book works as an Artbook and a Game Guide, it also includes a Pin-Up Poster.


This book is splitted in 4 chapters with different contents

  • Illust Gallery: A gallery consisting of some unused illustrations, full body shots of the girls in the Pin-Up poses, scans of the exclusive phone cards released by Sega Direct, Medialand, Sofmap, and Messe Sanoh, along with an illustration of MediaWorks. There's also concept designs, including the first design for Crueltear, a robot who was cancelled in favor of the redheaded girl that we know and love.
  • Characters: A collection of images of each one of the Triggerhearts, along with their weapons and mugshots used on Story Mode, it includes an announcement of the Exelica figure made by Alter, an upcoming Drama CD and Clear Posters
  • Walkthrough: The game guide part of the book, it contains everything there is to know about the game, score mechanics, enemy guide and strategies.
  • Appendix: This part consists of rough sketches of concept versions of the characters, phone cards, bosses and other unused illustrations like Maid-dressed Triggerhearts, bunnygirl Faintear, and the weapons system of the unused robot Crueltear. There's also a glossary, and interviews with the staff and the voice actresses. This section (and the book) finishes with a series of comic strips like Triggerheart EX and Trigger Happy.

Arcadia Magazine ContentsEdit

This book also featured some content released on the Triggerheart Extension section of Arcadia Magazine like additional art and some comics of Anchor Manga Warashi-kun.


Chapter 1: Illust GalleryEdit

Chapter 2: CharactersEdit