TH Exelica

This is Exelica, i will deploy now. Roger, Good Luck!

This article is about the game, for the eponymous character, see: Exelica

Triggerheart Exelica (トリガーハート エグゼリカ Torigāhāto Eguzerika, also spelled Trigger Heart Exelica) is a shoot'em up by Warashi and the primary focus of this Wiki. It was released in Japanese arcades in May 29, 2006. The game runs on Sega's Naomi hardware, and was later ported to the Sega Dreamcast, becoming the system's penultimate licensed title when it was released in Japan on February 22, 2007— only two weeks prior to Karous.

It was ported later to other consoles with slight improvements.


In an unknown alien galaxy far away from the Milky Way, a war is waging between a group of human-like people called C.H.I.L.D.A. and a mysterious race of violent robotic vehicles known as the Ver’mith. C.H.I.L.D.A. employed their elite squad consisting of humanoid weapons known as Triggerhearts, two of the Triggerheart units, Exelica and her programmed sister Crueltear, were busily fighting the Ver’mith during an attack when a portal known as "Gate" opened and sucked both Triggerhearts in.

Materializing on planet Earth, Exelica and Crueltear soon made this planet their new home as they had no means of return, and losing their reasons to fight as they were also uncapable to know the outcome of the C.H.I.L.D.A.-Ver'mith war.

Some time later a new portal opened and the surviving Ver'mith forces appeared. Intent on making Earth their primary fortress of attack, the Ver'mith quickly eliminated the majority of Earth’s defenses. As the destruction spreads, the once buried fighting instincts within Exelica and Crueltear re-awoke. The final battle against the Ver'mith has begun, but this time the Ver'mith have their own version of a Triggerheart unit known as Faintear.

Outnumbered, but with their fighting instincts awoken, and with a reason to fight once again, the future of planet Earth and the entire galaxy rests on the Triggerheart units.


The gameplay involves playing with 1 of 2 selectable characters to battle against 5 stages of enemy ships. Exelica specializes in wide area attacks, while Crueltear uses concentrated front shots. Players can fire the Anchor Unit to catch enemy ships, then use the caught unit as a shield or throw it to inflict more damage.


The player can play with one of these characters

  • TH60 Exelica: Wide forward Spread Shot, slow movement, slow Anchor traction
  • TH32 Crueltear: Concentrated front Linear Shot, fast movement, fast Anchor traction

V.B.A.S. (Variable Boss Attack System)Edit

Main article: V.B.A.S.

In a similar fashion to Compile's game Zanac, this game dynamically adjusts difficulty based on the player's in-game performance. It affects the difficulty of game bosses. If player collects more score items, the harder the bosses will be to defeat.

Dreamcast version FeaturesEdit

The Dreamcast version added a Story Mode and an Arrange Mode. The "Arrange Mode" is an increased difficulty level and does not have continues if the player loses all his/her lives.

There are two distinct versions being released: a regular version and a limited edition, which includes a soundtrack and guide book. Early orders from Sega Direct also included a phone card, and poster.

Although officially released only in Japan, it can be enjoyed by players from other countries because most of the menus are in English with Japanese subtitles. However a Dreamcast boot disc will be needed to play it on a non-Japanese console, since the disc is locked to the Japanese region.


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