Re-1 09

Your new evil, skimpy hottie.

Syl_f'rear (シルフェリア Shiruferia, pronounced Seel-fe-rir) is a Bulletheart from Triggerheart Exelica RE:Anchor. She's the first and leader of the Bulletheart Sisters.

Her main weapons are the B'lnshate Class ships (ブランシェート Buranshēto, pronunced "Blansheit") B'lnshate and B'lnshate Naval (ブランシェート ナヴァル Buranshēto Navaru, pronounced "Blansheit Naval")

Curiosities Edit

  • It is possible that her Triggerheart "rival / counterpart" is Crueltear. However, there's not enough information to confirm this, but some evidence could be her adult appearance in a similar way the TH32 does.
  • She is the only character from the Triggerheart universe to feature bikini-like suntan marks on her skin due to using a more revealing Spec Suit. According to Kazuhiko Kakoi, he likes suntan marks.
  • Kazuhiko also said those are the suntan marks from the straps of another Spec Suit. This makes Syl_f'rear the only character in the Triggerheart universe with two different Spec Suits.
  • However, GRA also said they could be the straps of her current Spec Suit, due to it's unusual design.

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