Re-1 08

Nothing says "Bullet" better than a mechanical dragon as part of the equipment.

Str'n_dear (ストレンディア Sutorendia, pronounced Stren-dir) is a Bulletheart from Triggerheart Exelica RE:Anchor. She's the second member of the Bulletheart Sisters.

Her main weapons are the F'zzloda Class ships (ファズローダ Fasurōda, pronunced "Fas-loda") V'skard (ヴァズカード Vasukādo, pronunced "Vas-card") and the High Manuever mode Pal'tdead (パレットデッド Paretodedo, pronunced "Pallete-dead").

Curiosities Edit

  • It could be possible that her Triggerheart rival could be Faintear, however there's not enough information to confirm this.
  • Unlike the other Triggerheart or Bulletheart equipmens, V'skard/Pal'tdead resemble a mechanical dragon.

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