Stingy Mode

That [EXPLETIVE] ship crashed with me before i noticed it!

The Stingy Mode (せこいりゅう Sekoiryu) is a bonus mode of Shienryu included in the PlayStation port (both Japan and US Gekioh Shooting King localizations).

This mode is a much harder version of the game where the player has one life, and is unable to continue after losing his/her only ship. Fortunately, there's only two stages in this mode.

Curiosities Edit

  • The menu depics a humorous drawing of Herrenlose Katze saying "Don't waste your aircrafts" and the Player 1 ship shot down next to her.
  • The concept of a very limited amount of lives, increased difficulty and no continues of both Stingy and No Mercy modes resembles the Arrange Mode of Triggerheart Exelica.