Crueltear 02

It's a little bit skimpy but it works.

The swimsuit like outfits called Spec Suits (スペックスーツ Supeku Sutsu) are the suits worn by the Triggerhearts (and Ver'mith made copies), this isn't just an outfit, but it's part of the Combat Gear.

Due to their extraordinary strength, their powers are kept under control in their daily life. However, in an emergency, they can fight at close range, although at a lower strength than when in flight.

Other parts that form the suit are the headgear, neck part and armor parts on their upper arms and forearms, these parts are made of bulletproof materials.



The black "neck piece" of a Triggerheart Spec Suit works like the "Fit Switch" of the Plugsuits from Neon Genesis Evangelion.

  • When the Triggerhearts are equipped with the armor parts, the stockings can be partially removed leaving the garters and the shoes, proof of that can be seen in the Exelica figure made by Alter.
  • The suit designs differ for each Triggerheart, Exelica wears a japanese school swimsuit, while Crueltear wears a "competition" style, and both Faintears wear a futuristic styled leotard.
  • Bullethearts also have their own version of the Spec Suits, however their design is more skin revealing, at the point of even revealing sun tans from other clothes (Syl_f'rear is a good example).
  • Both Triggerhearts and Bulletheart Syl_f'rear suits also have Bust Up supports located below their breasts.
  • In RE:Anchor 1.75, it is revealed that Spec Suits are adjusted to the Triggerhearts bodies by using a "Fit Switch" located on the black piece of their "neck protection", which works like the wrist "Suit Fit Switch" of the Plugsuits from Neon Genesis Evangelion.