Space Interference Field

Crueltear deploying her Space Interference Field

The Space Interference Field is used by the Triggerhearts as a defense system against enemy attacks. The field is unleashed from the "Secondary Parts" on the Triggerheart's body.

This field doesn't only work as a defense, it can be use for thrust and Target Lock functions.

Times when the Space Interfered Field was used in the game.Edit

  • When the player's character appears
  • After-hit invincibilty
  • Temporary invincibility after releasing a Suppression Bomb
  • Crueltear's "True Ending" (XBLA / PS2 Arcade Mode)

Curiosities Edit

  • Crueltear's capability of deflecting Ennda's physical attacks indicates that Space Interference Fields can be deployed by a Triggerheart unit to prevent any damage.
  • Her field was deployed for last around four seconds, it is unknown if the short time was because of Ennda's attacks or the field's temporary use.

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