The Old Man and the Human-like Weapons.

Skiltall (スキルトール Sukirutoru, also called Skilltor) is a new character featured in the game Triggerheart Exelica Enhanced.

This old man was the first earthling which the Triggerhearts made contact with. He took care of them and kept them safe until their recovery ("First Contact", according to Crueltear).

Treating both Exelica and Crueltear like his own daughters. He is even
called "father" by Exelica...

...however, this may be because of the old man telling them "No matter what language you speak, please call me father, not grandfather".

Story Mode (Exelica)Edit

Exelica Story Mode - Meeting with Skiltall

Who are you?

Voiced by: Yoji Ueda

When Exelica and Crueltear left the C'rna_dyne to explore the outside world they were spotted by an old man. As the Triggerhearts introduce themselves, he decides to take them home and treat them like his daughters.

During those days, Skiltall gives a pet to Exelica
Exelica Story Mode - Exelica and Omelette

Knowing the meaning of love.

, a little cat to take care of, and for helping her learn more about the bonds of love and friendship. Realizing that, Exelica calls the pet cat "Omelette", after one of her "father's" favorite meals.