Nagare Kuroha

She looks like someone whose name starts with "Cru" and ends with "eltear".

Nagare Kuroha (黒羽ナガレ Kuroha Nagare) is one of the characters from the doujin game Densou Tenshi Valforce. Her Valkyrie Number is No.002

In the game's Opponent Line Up, she's the second opponent for the player, her Battle Stage is the Aircraft Carrier.

If Ai Kannagi is a blatant Knock Off of Exelica, then Nagare is a rip off of Crueltear, even her leotard is almost identical to her Spec Suit, even the "Bust up support" of the Triggerheart outfit is visible. Her 2P alternate color are very "Faintear Inspired" (although Elena Misawa is much more of a Faintear Knock Off)


  • Right Weapon: Sub-machine Gun
  • Left Weapon: Phaser Knife
  • Center Weapon: Homing Ray


Nagare Player 2 Color

Nagare in her 2P Alternate Color

What kind of garbage units you have?

- Nagare's quote

The second and higher Valkyrie rank she was recruited first back in the Valforce Special Operative Forces. She can unleash the full potential of attack from her units and has a perfect evasive maneuver. Her units have fire powers when Nagare brought and equipped from her real brother, and her barrier is more durable than other fighters.

However, she looks down to the other's pities while taking in a serious fight for herself although she desired a strong victory.


Nagare Kuroha - Concept Design

Concept Design for Nagare Kuroha.

  • Nagare's concept illustration depicts her with a psychic-like energy claw. This ability probably evolved into the Phaser Knife.
  • She's the only Valkyrie with a known relative (a brother).
  • To increase Nagare's status as a Crueltear knock off, her player select pose is very similar to Crueltear's "Player Select" pose in Triggerheart Exelica Enhanced.
  • The concept design lacks the "Bust up" support on her leotard.

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