Misuka Shisuka

Misuka Shisuka at the end of Stage 1

The Misuka Shisuka (ミスカ シスカ Misuka Shisuka) is a variant of the Misuka, while the original Misuka carries a Power Up item that can be used by the Triggerhearts to increase their firepower, the Misuka Shisuka carries the Bomb item. This enemy appears at the end of each stage before the stage boss appears, and it bears a purple paintjob. Like the original Misuka, this enemy gives you 220t for your Weight Point bonus when its captured and it takes 3% per frame of a second to be captured by the Anchor Unit. This enemy appears in all the 5 stages of the game (Except for Faintear's Stage 0 in Triggerheart Exelica Enhanced)