Triggerheart Exelica - Dreamcast Special Edition Key Visual

Key Visual artwork for the Dreamcast "Special Edition" cover of Triggerheart Exelica.

Kazuhiko Kakoi (かこいかずひこ Kakoi Kazuhiko) is an artist specialized on Mecha designs. However he's mostly known on the videogame scenery because of his work at Warashi as the character and mechanical design of Triggerheart Exelica, where he was credited as the "Triggerheart Designer" under the nickname GRA.

Although Warashi is not working on Triggerheart Exelica, Kazuhiko is working on a series of doujins featuring concepts for a possible Triggerheart Exelica II, called RE:Anchor.

"For assault only" is his personal tagline.

Links Edit

Kazuhiko's homepage

Twitter page

Pixiv gallery

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