Triggerheart Items

Basic stuff, but it will help you accomplish your mission.

An Item (アイテム Aitemu) is is an object within the game world that can be collected by a player to increase his/her power, but also can be used to increase its score via Bonus Points.

Items used in Triggerheart ExelicaEdit

The Triggerheart units are not alone in their battle against the Ver'mith, because they can use a basic variety of items, giving them a little hand on turn the tide of the battle.

Power Up ItemEdit

Showed in the game as a yellow "P" crystal, the Power Up Item (パワーアップアイテム Pawā Apu Aitemu) function is to increase the fire power of the Triggerhearts, it can be collected 3 times for increase the player's power. When the player is fully powered up, the Power Up Item will give you 10,000 bonus points if its picked again.

This items only appear in stages 1,2,3 and 5, you can get them when a green Misuka is destroyed.

Bomb ItemEdit

The Bomb Item (ボムアイテム Bomu Aitemu), also known as Suppression Bomb appears in the game as a purple "B" crystal, giving the player an extra bomb, Suppression Bombs are used to destroy all small enemies on screen, destroy bullets and damage large enemies. The player can collect 6 bombs in total, but if the player gets hit by a bullet, any extra bombs will be lost, reseting to its default number.

The "Suppression" name comes from the game Triggerheart Exelica Enhanced. When Exelica and Faintear use their bombs, they say "Suppression!" (サプレッション! Sapureshon!)

This item appears in all stages, except for stage 0 in the PS2 version. They're carried by a purple variant of the Misuka called Misuka Shizuka.

Bonus ItemEdit

The Bonus Items (得点アイテム Tokuten Item) appear when an enemy and bullets are destroyed, they increase their value as far as the player holds the shoot button, but keeping them from go falling off-screen.