Hyper Exelympic - Title Screen

Title Screen for Hyper Exelympic.

Hyper Exelympic is a fan-made Flash game based on Triggerheart Exelica, created by ROOOR.


Hyper Exelympic - Gameplay - Crueltear with Stamperon

Gameplay of Hyper Exelympic. When the player selects Crueltear as a "Weapon", she will compete with the player using an anchored Stamperon from Fantasy Zone.

The player, who is controlling Exelica, has to use the Anchor captured object, which can be a Sega Dreamcast, a Nintendo Wii Remote, and even a Big Core MK I from the Gradius series, to swing it as it destroys spheres which fires lasers and bullets, however if Exelica is hit one single time, then it's Game Over.

To control Exelica and swing the anchored object, it requires to move the mouse around the screen.

There's a second mode which is an NSFW minigame featuring Exelica. However, Wikiheart Exelica will not describe this content in order to keep the site content safe.

Selectable WeaponsEdit

Hyper Exelympic - Weapon Select

Hyper Exelympic's selectable weapons.

The player has the option of playing with one of the many available weapons:

  • Faintear Imitate (By clicking on her on the upper part of the Weapon Select screen)
  • Unnamed Giant Ball (Ball with the word "Wepon" on the left)
  • Nintendo Wii Remote
  • Big Core MK I (from Gradius)
  • Silver Ball (Selected by clicking on the "Item" or the "X" marked black iron ball)
  • Sega Dreamcast Console (Selected by clicking on Crueltear. By selecting the Dreamcast, Crueltear will also "compete" with you using a Stamperon from Fantasy Zone as her weapon)


The game features a fan made arrangement of "Exelica, Dancing at Dawn" on the Title and Item Select screens.

Curiosities Edit

  • The title of this game is a wordplay of the names Exelica and Hyper Olympic, a sports game made by Konami in 1983, known in the US and Europe as Track & Field.
  • The bullets shape are based on the bullet sprites from the Gradius / Parodius / Otomedius series. It is also possible that the bubbles could be a reference to the second stage of Gradius III.

Link Edit


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