G'll Tous and G'll Quard

Faintear's Gunner Ship and Anchor Unit. G'll_Tous (above) and G'll_Quard (below).

The G'll Series (ガルシリーズ Garu Shirīzu) are the Equipments used by Faintear in Triggerheart Exelica Enhanced.

The Semi-Autonomous Gunner Ship G'll_Tous (ガルトゥース Garutūsu) is the main weapon where the Laser Form Shot is generated. Unlike the Linear or Spread shots, the Laser Form has "High-Scoring" properties as the enemies destroyed by the beams drop more Bonus Items.

G'll_Quard (ガルトクアード Garukuādo) is the Anchor Unit used by Faintear to capture and lock any enemy. It is also used to speed her down, making the TH44 more manueverable for the player as the speed down allows a more easier navigation through tight bullet curtains.