Fardott 1

Different Fardott types: Fardott Nacht (Upper Left), Fardot Merr (Upper Right) and Fardott Vis (Bottom)

The Extension Attack Unit Fardott (ファルドット Farudoto) are Remote attack units of many types which appear throughout the game. This weapons were configured to be used by Faintear Imitate.

Faintear guides these units vertically and horizontally to attack Exelica and Crueltear.

While Exelica and Crueltear have a co-dependent relationship with their respective companion ships, Faintear considers the Fardotts completely expendable.

There's three types of Fardott units:

  • Fardott Nacht (ファルドット ナクト Farudoto Nakuto)
  • Fardott Merr (ファルドット メル Farudoto Meru)
  • Fardott Vis (ファルドット ヴィス Farudoto Visu)


  • Fardott 2

    A weapon that wasn't used in the game, what a waste.

    An A'rstear-like Fardott is seen in one of the illustrations of Megami Magazine Creators vol.7, in page 19 of the Archive Anchor book, and the concept illustrations of Triggerheart Exelica Enhanced in Warashi's website. Unfortunately, it didn't appear in any of the games.
  • In the game, Faintear is protected by 8 Fardotts, but in the anime opening, she is guarded by 17 Merr units.
TH Enhanced 17 Fardotts

I could bring more of them, but this is more than enough.

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