Event CG

We couldn't afford enough for animated cutscenes so we have to rely on this.

Triggerheart Exelica Enhanced included a new feature for improve the Story Mode: the Event CG (イベントCG Ivento CG), which consists of a slideshow of images with spoken dialogues in the style of visual novels like Snatcher, Galaxy Angel and Shuffle!.

List of the Event CG's used in the gameEdit

  • Attract Mode / Story Mode Opening Prologue
  • Triggerhearts Prologues
  • Encounter with Faintear Imitate in Stage 1
  • Stage Clear Intermissions
  • Faintear's meeting with Exelica in Stage 3
  • Endings


  • The Event CG images are the unlockable images for the Image Gallery. To unlock them, the player has to "navigate" through the whole cutscenes without skipping them by pressing the Start button, to move onto the next dialogue, he/she can press Square, Circle, Triangle or X buttons.
  • During the game, the player can remove the text by pressing the Select Button, however, if the player presses a button, the next dialogue will "re-enable" the dialogue text.