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This article is about the unused Anchor Unit Test Frame. For the Triggerheart Unit, see: Crueltear (Triggerheart).

Unused Crueltear

Maybe i was sent to the wrong place and i probably belong to "Psyvariar 2" or "Vandread", but who knows...

The Anchor Unit Test Frame Crueltear (アンカーユニットテストフレームクルエルティア Ankā Yunito Tesuto Fureimu Kuruerutia) was a proposed character design for Triggerheart Exelica.

It was planned to be Exelica's partner, a powerful robot with an Anchor Unit embedded on its frame, along with an arm-mounted gun.

Triggerheart Exelica RE:AnchorEdit

Re-1 10

Back in Style.

In Triggerheart Exelica RE:Anchor, "Crueltear" makes an appearance, joining the Triggerhearts in their new battles.

Strangefully, there's a back view sketch of C'r_na and Exelica's D'rfend next to it, which could possibly imply the Test Frame is a weapon under C'r_na / C'rna_dyne's control and can use either D'rfend and C'rnBurn Vis as it's Anchor Unit weapons.

Curiosities Edit

  • According to Kazuhiko Kakoi (GRA), this was the intended design for Crueltear. However, one of the staff members suggested a change in the character design, resulting in the Triggerheart sister that we know and love.
  • The Test Frame's name was passed to the Triggerheart Unit. GRA said he liked the name.
  • Along with the name, the colors of the Test Frame were also given to the TH32's Spec Suit and C'rnBurn Units.

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