Triggerheart Exelica - Arcade Title Screen

Title Screen of the Arcade version of Triggerheart Exelica.

In general gaming, the term Attract Mode is refered to the Opening and Demonstration of a videogame which repeats indefinitely until the player deposits a credit by inserting a coin, sliding his/her arcade card or (in the home console's case) pressing the Start button.

Triggerheart Exelica, Shienryu and Sengeki Striker are among the many games which feature an Attract Mode.

Attract Mode of Shienryu Edit

Shienryu's Attract mode begins at the Warashi logo screen followed by the opening sequence, the title screen which lasts for half a minute and then prodceeding to a demonstration, followed by the rankings.

Shienryu Explosion is the only game which lacks of an arcade mode since the game starts on the Main Menu.

Attract Mode of Sengeki Striker Edit

The Attract Mode of Sengeki Striker is pretty much similar to Shienryu, however, the game only includes the Kaneko logo despite being a Warashi-Kaneko joint project.

Attract Mode of Triggerheart Exelica Edit

Triggerheart Exelica features different Attract Modes depending on the many ports of the game.

Triggerheart Exelica (Arcade / Dreamcast) Edit

The game's attract mode begins with the Opening sequence where the System Voice can be heard saying "Triggerheart Exelica" when the game logo appears at the end. If the player doesn't deposit a credit or press the Start button, the game will play a Demonstration in Stage 1, followed by the rankings. In the Dreamcast version, the ranking screen lasts much longer as it displays the score in all modes.

Triggerheart Exelica Enhanced (PlayStation 2) Edit

Triggerheart Exelica Enhanced features not one but two different Attract Modes.

ATTRACT MODE 1: The first Attract Mode begins with the CRIWARE logo, as it fades to white, the Alchemist logo appears and Exelica is heard yelling "アルケミスト!" (Arukemisuto!), then it fades to white again, and the Warashi logo is shown and Crueltear is heard saying the company's name, once again the logo fades to white. Then, the song "GRAVITY ERROR" and the animated opening will play. Once it's over, the title screen will appear and the System Voice will be heard saying "Triggerheart Exelica". After 30 seconds without pressing Start (or the Circle button), the Attract Mode 2 will begin.

ATTRACT MODE 2: Like the first one, it begins with the company logos, as the screen goes black, the words "TRIGGERHEART EXELICA" will appear for a few seconds and it will fade, showing the Story Mode prologue. Then it will return to the title screen. Strangefully, both Attract Modes lack of a game demonstration.

Curiosities Edit

  • Watching the second Attract Mode of Triggerheart Exelica Enhanced unlocks the "Other" section in the Gallery without playing the game.