The Arrange Mode (アレンジモード Arenji Mōdo) is a console exclusive gameplay mode featured in the Dreamcast version of Triggerheart Exelica. It is mostly known for its extreme difficulty, limited amount of lives and lack of continues.

Features of the Arrange Mode Edit

While the original Arcade and Story Modes allow the player to increase the default amount of lives and bombs and the required score for gaining extra lives, the Arrange Mode forces the player to play with only 2 lives, 2 bombs and the score requirements of 25,000,000 points for the first bonus life and 50,000,000 for the second and last bonus life.

The enemy attacks are more intense as they shoot even more bullets than any of the other playable modes. Also, if the player loses all of his/her lives, it is Game Over as the game disables the continue option.

However, the Item Bonus is increased from the original Arcade mode, as the "3000 x19.1" now becomes "30191" increasing the obtained score allowing the player's to increase their score in large amounts.

There's a minor tweak in Stage 5, as the player has to battle Faintear Imitate before fighting Ver'mith Ennda.


Arrange Mode - Congratulations Screen

All for nothing, what a letdown.

The ending of this game mode is the same as the original arcade mode, the only difference is a post-credits "Congratulations!" screen where Faintear Imitate appears saying "Did you see it Did you see it Did you see it? My great effort! Bye-bye!" before the Game Over screen appears.

Curiosities Edit

  • The appearance of Faintear Imitate at the "Congratulations!!" screen is very similar to the Master difficulty ending of Star Soldier: Vanishing Earth, where Duoss Core ver. 3.3C made an appearance on a post-credits scene saying "You're the greatest player" when the game was finished.
  • Although this mode is abscent on both XBLA and PS2 Enhanced versions, there's some elements borrowed from this mode like the Item Bonus and the Imitate battle before Ennda, although it is used on the "True Ending" Route of both Arcade and Story Modes.
  • The concept of a extremely difficult game mode with very limited lives and no continues of this mode can be compared with the Stingy and No Mercy modes of the PlayStation ports of Shienryu.


Arrange Mode longplay with Crueltear (Part 1) on Nicozon

Arrange Mode longplay with Crueltear (Part 2) on Nicozon