The Arcade Mode (アーケードモード Ākēdo Mōdo) is the principal gameplay mode of Triggerheart Exelica and Triggerheart Exelica Enhanced.

Like its name implies, it is a direct port of the original arcade game with its default settings, making emphasys in action rather than plot and playing the same ending seen on the arcade version. Although the player can modify it to make it easier or harder by adjusting the settings on the Main Menu, recreating in a home console the Dip Switch adjustments of an arcade Service Mode done by the operator.

Players can change the Difficulty, the number of lives and bombs and adjust or deactivate the score requirements to obtain a 1-up.

Curiosities Edit

  • In the Dreamcast version, the adjustments are made once the Arcade Mode option is selected, then the player selects the "Start Game" option to play, the same goes for Story Mode.
  • The ending of the original arcade shares some similarities with the ending of RayForce, as the fate of the unused Triggerheart is not mentioned (example, playing with Crueltear will result in Exelica's apparent death) as the game sends the player to the Game Over screen once the credits are over. Just like RayForce never mentioned if the RVA-818 X-LAY pilot survived despite her ship was heavily damaged.